Wednesday, April 27, 2011

"Collector" Or "Hoarder"?

Collector or hoarder????

Just want to share with you all an experience the Lord recently took me through.'s been being shown to me for many, many years now.
It started with seeing my father in law "collect" things from auctions/sales and what have you.
The man had to have several buildings then to hold the things.
When he passed away we had an auction and were saddened that all these things he bought go for next to nothing.
Yet they had consumed his time...his money...
I then saw his daughter, my sister in law...doing the same thing.
It wasn't new to her...but I had just discovered it.
She got sick and needed to move in with her mother so her things had to be dealt with as well.
She considered herself to be a collector...
When she passed away my husband and I inherited all her belongings.
This month we had an estate sale.
We had no idea what things were even in these boxes! We unpacked them just before setting things out to sell.
I kept saying over and over to myself..."Why did she do this? Why?"
She had so many things she "collected." None of these things were kept organized or kept clean. There seemed to be no rhyme or reason it it.
It just made no sense at all.
She always thought one day she'd really have the money once she sold it all.
We sold much of it as had things marked really cheap...but did give a great percent of it away.
I had no idea the Lord was using my witnessing all of this plus my part in the show me my own "collecting" behaviors.
No, it was not to the extent of my sister or father in law...but I was doing my share.
I was keeping all these jeans so that one day I could make quilts of them.
I was keeping books I had already read, etc.
The Lord showed me the error of my ways.
I learned that this was not "collecting" but was actually "hoarding".
I am thinking now there is more revelation yet to come of this.
During the sale both my husband and I kept putting things back we thought we would keep.
When we came home and looked at those things...I was like, "What were we thinking?" And then, "The same thing that was on them is on US!"
Evil spirits of poverty, hoarding and who knows what else.
My husband had a prophetic dream then...revealing that after we got rid of all the access...that an evil spirit kept bringing things back in.
So Lord exposed to us evil spirits at work in our lives.
I saw that the enemy can keep us pretty busy with this or that.
In this case..."collecting" things and then having to make room for them. Moving these things here or there...talking about them, thinking about them, looking for more.
Where was time to pursue one's personal calling in Christ Jesus?
Just felt to share my experience and add...that I do know this...that whenever the Lord exposes things such as this in your life...then He also has a solution for it!
May you be blessed in your life today and all days...

In Jesus name! ~amen!


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